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HCC - Backyard Beekeeping 2023 Summer Course

ZBees Apiary and Haywood Community College have partnered together to offer an intensive twelve week course on Backyard Beekeeping.

This is a fun, but intensive 12-week course designed for those individuals who are seriously interested in maintaining a honey bee apiary. Prior knowledge about honeybees is not required! Subjects covered will include the science of apiculture, types of honeybees, purchasing bees, equipment, protective clothing, and the importance of honeybees to the environment. In addition, students will receive practical experience with setting up beehives, managing an apiary, and controlling hive pests or diseases. Students will inspect and document hive inspections, analyze honey, estimate hive populations, and winterize bee hives.

You can register for the May 19 course by clicking this link.

HCC Backyard Beekeeping - SPRING 2023

(CSP 4000-24841)

March 17 to June 9 Class

Current students getting ready to inspect some honey bee colonies.


During the course of twelve weeks the class will study topics from apiculture to beekeepers in the community as they learn about various honey bee varieties and characteristics. Five off-campus inspections will bee conducted at our apiary, giving students hands-on experience in managing and inspecting honey bee colonies. The course is designed to help new beekeepers develop an Apiary Management Plam (AMP) so there colonies can survive their first winter.

BE AWARE, if you have any “bee allergies” then, this course IS NOT RECOMMENDED for you. Exposure to live honey bees is part of being a beekeeper and you can get stung during the inspections.